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23-06-2017 13:43

Wow - less than 24 hours after releasing the camps and workshops booking forms ...
30 gymnasts booked on taking 268 camp and workshop slots!
We still have places available, however at this rate of booking please don't leave it too late to secure your space!

We are already getting excited about our best summer camps and workshops yet with gymnasts meeting new friends and having a summer of hard work and fun!


22-06-2017 15:55

Our popular Summer Camp and Workshops are running again this year
See video below of the workshops in the last half term 😀
Book via link below
21-06-2017 22:41

We are now open as usual.. not complete but getting there! Thanks for your patience and our amazing parents for their help the last few days 😀😀😀


21-06-2017 19:32

We love carpet 😍😍😍


21-06-2017 05:28
A reminder
Pre school classes cancelled tomorrow due to carpet fitting taking longer than anticipated
Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause
20-06-2017 22:20

This is us right now... 🙈
Pre School classes are cancelled tomorrow

Hoping to be back up and running properly soon 😬


18-06-2017 21:58
Thank you all for coming this weekend!
We've loved hosting the Milano Competition!
Please use the # #milanoinvitational2017 on your instagram pics.

Also a quick question to our gymnasts, parents and also especially to our friends from visiting clubs ... what were your best things about this weekend that you loved the most??
18-06-2017 11:18
Well done gymnasts - Milano Round 2 complete and lots of smiling little gymnasts and proud coaches!
We hope you like your gifts and T-shirts!
Tag us in your photos and Instagram posts!

As usual whenever we run a competition weekend the sun decides to come out!! #stuckindoorsagain!

Results available online
17-06-2017 18:04
Thank you all for coming today we hope you loved it as much as we enjoyed hosting!
Safe journey home everyone, see you all tomorrow!
16-06-2017 22:23

Check out the bling for this weekend 😍
We are very excited to be competiting with the following fantastic clubs this weekend

South Manchester
Vernon Park
Newall Green

Good luck to everyone it's going to be a great competition



16-06-2017 11:31

Well done to Gemma, Aimee and Grace who have been selected for the North West Performance Squad for 2017-18

Amazing work ladies


15-06-2017 06:43

Milano we're here yesterday!! Ready for the weekend 😍


13-06-2017 22:06
Go team!!! Getting ready for the new development in the gym 😍
08-06-2017 21:05

Just some of the many happy faces today!!
Well done gymnasts and coaches
Team Preston 💚💙💚


04-06-2017 18:53
Check out what our gymnasts have been up in recent workshops

Jaz (2002) learning double back dismount off bars
Grace (2007) learning a new mount
Erin (2010) upstart, cast to handstand and clear with support
Lily (2011) learning flick on floor then putting it onto low beam all in one workshop

Spaces available on our website for next week

04-06-2017 18:10

So many smiley happy faces at our Setworks Comp this weekend

Amazing results and a fantastic standard of gymnastics shown all weekend

Well done everyone and thanks to all the clubs who came you were fantastic too 😀
next Milano....
#neverstops #loveitreally #theextramile


04-06-2017 06:29

Taking you further in your gymnastics #cityofprestongymnastics #goingtheextramile #alwaysmovingforward


02-06-2017 09:26

Follow us on instagram 😀


02-06-2017 07:31
Erin on Workshop yesterday she got her... upstart.. cast to handstand and a little play on clears!
Well done little one 💪💪💪